Functietitel: Business development partner
Dienstverband: Vast
Status: Fulltime
Branche: Fabricage en productie
Vakgebied: Sales & Marketing
Salaris: USD $30,000.00
Locatie: Van Hessen Vietnam
Gepubliceerd op: 25-01-2020
Nummer: 32287



Van Hessen is the leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to our worldwide operation of gutrooms inside slaughterhouses, Van Hessen is able to operate close to the source and secure a constant flow of raw material for our customers. By controlling and supervising all steps in the process of the supply chain, we can guarantee high quality products. Their employees are hardworking individuals, who are passionate about their jobs. Whether working on the disassembly line in one of our gutrooms, in one of our offices or in a sales team, they all share one common goal: making sure they supply the best possible quality products to our customers and achieve a high level of service.

In an ever more demanding world, safe food takes an increasingly important place. Producers and consumers around the world have to be able to rely on our products to be safe, at all times. In order to deliver food grade natural casings Van Hessen goes to great lengths. They ensure that all operations during production, cleaning, selecting and distribution within the Van Hessen group are in compliance with, or even exceed, (inter)national legislation and our own quality standards.

Inside the slaughterhouse

Van Hessen takes great pride in the quality of our products. At Van Hessen they operate our own gutrooms inside slaughterhouses across the globe. Their gutroom management and QA teams work closely together to ensure we comply to the ever increasing demands that we lay down upon ourselves, from our customers and the authorities. Because they employ their own staff in the gutrooms, the process of saving the raw materials can be controlled and optimized. Van Hessen’s involvement at the earliest possible stage – inside the slaughterhouse –guarantees consistently high-quality products.

The role of business development manager

Van Hessen has a wordwide operation of slaughterhouses and gutrooms but not yet in Vietnam. They do have serious ambitions in concering the Vietnams market so van Hessen is looking to expand their horizon out of Ho Chi Minh. The idea is as simple as it is good. Since we have all the knowledge of the business and how to operate but we lach understanding of the Vietname market as well as the language we are looking for a business developer who will be helping us to develop the Vietnamese market. For this reason it would be a big bonus if you would have some knowledge of the market of gutrooms and slaughterhouses. However the most important thing is your network. We have the ability and means to go quick and start right away. If you are the person who can help us to run this marathon we will make sure that you will have a bright future ahead of you. In a couple of years you could be the new MD of van Hessen Vietnam!

The procedure

As mentioned we would rather start yesterday then tommorow. So if you think you are the right candidate for the job, please contact us asap and click the I am interested button. We are available for a chat both out of the netherlands or in Vietnam (Ho chi minh).