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Managing Director Australia

Australia, Victoria, WangarattaRecruitment

Job description

For our client we are looking for an hands on Managing Director in the province of Victoria, Australia. A great role in a fantastic company! For the moment we are going to keep the name of this company to ourselves. Once we start the first meetings we will disclose the name.  We do understand that you need some sort of information other then Victoria, Australia. So we will try to do our best to give you just as much information as needed without again mentioning the name. 

This company is a fully owned subsidiary of a European based multinational company with in excess more then 100 years successful operation in its industry. They are involved in food processing (human consumption), petfood and pharmacie.  They employ over 7000 people worldwide in about 20 countries amongst Australia.

The management philosophy of the group is to decentralize as far as possible all operational decision making activities. The headquarters management is responsible for setting centralized policy and operational targets to coordinate global procurement, production, and sales and marketing activities. HR, Planning & Control, ICT and Accounting policies together with financing is centralized.

The group operates from a profitable leading position in its industry and is committed to a growth strategy to enhance continuity and provide a stimulating and rewarding working environment for its employees.

The corporate culture demands a passion for the company, its products and achievement of results in a competitive environment and rewards those that contribute to that performance.

Besides the obvious this company is full of energy, always on the look-out for acquisitions and as financially stable as the central bank of Australia. People business and management is the red line throughout the company and the social well beeing of their employees is of the highest importance.  


  1. Develop and recommend business plans including objectives and strategies for approval by Group Management Board.
  2. Manage implementation of approved strategies, policies and plans, including analyses of progress from time to time.
  3. Directs, and is fully responsible for all operations of the company, its profitability and future growth and development.
  4. Monitors performance against any agreed objectives and directions and ensures that the Company achieves its profit targets and business development objectives.
  5. Ensures the soundness of the company’s financial structure, through maintenance of financing arrangements, appropriate capital expenditure and the effective management of financial resources including cash flow management, financial reporting and foreign exchange management.
  6. Submission of budgets, forecasts and monthly business reports together with recommendations for performance improvement, where necessary.
  7. Ensure that appropriate strategies are in place to manage the Company’s resources effectively which will include human resources, information technology, marketing, distribution products/services, quality management systems and physical assets.
  8. Recognize and act on business opportunities. Advise on plan and direct all negotiations related to mergers acquisitions or sale of major assets.
  9. Ensure that the Company complies with statutory and legal obligations.
  10. Develop in-depth product and market knowledge, examine economic and market trends and conditions and modify policies to take full advantage of any changing circumstances.
  11. Manage the procurement of raw material within the framework of the Company’s production budget at a price consistent with profit objectives and market conditions.
  12. Maintain controls to measure executive performance. To undertake six monthly performance appraisals with all reporting managers and to ensure those managers conduct similar reviews with all their direct reports at least six monthly. Reviews and approves appointment, employment, transfer and termination of all key executives, in consultation with the Directors.
  13. Maintain effective communication systems throughout the company and the Group.
  14. Represent the company in its relationships with major customers, suppliers, bankers, government bodies, and others.
  15. To undertake specific projects at the direction of either the COO or the Group Management Board.

Salary indication between 190.000 and 290.000 Australian Dollars.

Job requirements

The right candidate should hold a relevant tertiary qualification. Experience in a senior management role with strategic role is essential, while experience in a manufacturing environment with international exposure is a absolute plus.


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